IMBIBA's new Growth Fund

Imbiba's new Growth Fund is good news for new emerging leisure businesses.  In response to demand from young profitable leisure business from across the UK, who typically have a proven, replicable concept and are looking for a funding partner to help them scale. 

Imbiba's new Growth Fund

Imbiba's new Growth Fund

Crucially, unlike the vast majority of investment partners, Imbiba brings far more than just capital. Run by former operators, Imbiba supports operators with access to sites, best in class systems and financial control, and bespoke tech and marketing support. With an expanded team and Advisory Board comprising Karen Jones, Graham Turner, Tom Davies, Karen Forrester and Martin Clarke, all of whom see the market need for a dedicated – operator led – funding partner. 

With advanced discussions in place with financial and trade investors the Fund is due to close in early 2017. The proposition has also been well received by large leisure corporates, keen to have visibility on and access to the next wave of innovative leisure brands and concepts.

For further information and more detailed plans on Fund’s strategy contact